Tips for Noise Reduction


I am playing around with my newly acquired daisy seed. As of now i have a simple setup on a breadboard with just a jack input and output to run my guitar through it (Just updated and added a potentiometer aswell). I am programming the daisy seed in c++ and using the InterleavingInputbuffer/InterleavingOutputbuffer function to run my signal through. I have been setting up a few simple overdrive algorithms including the predefined one in the daisysp library to start with. Though i am getting quite alot of noise once i just turn up the drive a little bit. When i play my guitar the noise reduces quite a bit. It’s noise that goes from high pitch screetching sounds to clicking and white noise sounds.

Anyone got tips for reducing this? Ways to optimize algorithms or different ways to take in the guitar signal and outputting it? Any other data transfer protocols that would be a better choice? Any tips or anything would be much appreciated. I’m very new to audio programming so i don’t know alot yet!


Hello Jonas!

Cool to hear that you’re diving deep into a Daisy guitar pedal project!

As for the noise, the first thing to troubleshoot is how you’re powering it. Are you powering it via computer USB? If so, there will be noise.
After you have a solid algorithm embedded into Daisy that you want to play around and test for a while, we recommend that you power it externally with power source such as a portable USB battery that’s designed for charging smartphones.

Ah thats good to know! I am currently using my computer to power it. Do i have to take any precautions when using a portable battery, like consider a certain voltage level or current amount?

I’m glad we figured out the source of the noise then!

The output of the battery that I have been using is 5V & 1A. And I’m connecting it to Daisy via USB cable.
Since you’re making a guitar pedal, you’ll eventually want to use the VIN pin of Daisy. Daisy’s maximum voltage for VIN is 17 volt so it’s well above the 9V standard for pedals!

By the way, if you connect a power to the VIN pin, you can still connect your Daisy to the computer via USB cable safely.

Here’s a datasheet that I highly suggest that you read before using VIN as well as portable battery.

Keep us posted on the project by the way!!

I’d also suggest looking at the PedalPCB Terrarium schematic, and the Daisy Petal schematic for ideas about handling input and output.


Great, thanks for the tips! I will look into the terrarium thing. Looks very cool and neat

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