Timeout flashing via daisy bootloader from the web interface

I am trying to use the web interface to flash images via the bootloader. With the connect window open, after pressing reset the daisy bootloader shows up very briefly but times out almost immediately, too fast for me to connect. Funny thing is it worked the first time I tried it, waited for the download, but hasn’t worked since. I am running the current bootloader image from the web interface.

My only option right now seems to use dfu-util on the command line with the --wait option.

Hi Greg!

You can extend the grace period indefinitely by pressing the BOOT button.

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Thanks Takumi. Is there a way to launch the bootloader this way programmatically?

Hello Greg, thank you for the wait.

Yes you can!
If you use the BootloaderMode::DAISY_INFINITE_TIMEOUT mode when calling System::ResetToBootloader , it’ll just hang out in the bootloader until something happens.

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