This Week In Daisy #4: Community Eurorack Modules!

This week on the community Discord, the DIY module designers went active!!
It might be due to the fact that eurorack-blocks kicked off the week, which we’ll talk about a bit later in this post.

Without further ado…
Daisy Projects of the Week - Eurorack Edition!

Mutating Melodies :trident:
Blue Nautilus is currently working a module called Proteus using Daisy Patch SM!

This project is going to be a hardware version of the Proteus VCV module! Proteus is a “generative sequencer for VCV Rack. Proteus generates melodies and repeats them until it gets bored. While it’s repeating a melody, it transposes and mutates it to keep it fresh.”

In this video, we can hear this WIP hardware module in action! It’s receiving a master clock from Pamela’s New Workout and outputting clock and pitch CVs to Erica Synths Bassline. The LED provides visual feedback and the sliders allow the performer to change the parameter of the sequencer!

It’s really cool to see a behind the scene of a prototype being developed on breadboards!

Warping Tones :cyclone:
Here’s another Patch SM powered project that is VCV-turned-hardware! Nick (Infrasonic Audio) is working on a hardware version of Warp Core, which is a phase distortion / phase modulation oscillator VCV module.

This video demonstrates the first custom PCB prototype! Lot of rich tones you can get out of this. The synth gets real gnarly towards the end of the demo!!

Want to Design Your Own Module? :eyes:
Now that you looked at awesome DIY modules that Daisy community memebers are working on, you must be inspired to design your very own module too, right?

But where do we even begin??

This week on Discord, there was a new channel that was launched called eurorack-blocks.

The eurorack-blocks project (maintained by Raphael Dingé) allows you to develop your very own custom eurorack module and the framework automatically generates all the needed files to manufacture so that you can bring the module of your dream into the physical world! The mission is to allow anyone to design a custom module with little to zero knowledge in electronics.

I admit that I’m still wrapping my head around it but it seems like the process is…
Design a custom module using C++, Faust, or Max gen → Test the automatically generated software version of the module in the VCV environment → automatically generate the hardware files required for manufacturing order → assemble your very own hardware modular synth! The module will be powered by Daisy Patch SM!

This project is open-source on github! You can learn more about it here and in this workshop livestream VOD.

This project is still new and could become a game-changer, so let’s grow its community! I’m excited to learn more about it as well!!
I highly recommend joining the Discord and checking out the eurorack-blocks channel!


Wow the eurorack blocks project sounds really cool!

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