The "vd~" object does not work

has anyone tried to use the variable delay “vd~” ?
I have successfully used the item “delread~” but failed to use “vd~”.
there must be some problem…

Did you try delread4~?

Vd~ is a 4 point interpolated delay and so is the delread4~.

Both vd~ and delread4~ does audio rate modulation.

Delread~ is not interpolated and does not do audio rate modulation.

As far as I know vd~ and delread4~ are pretty much the same, I think vd~ is an old name. So I would try delread4~ instead of vd~ :slight_smile:

Unfortunately delread cannot be used, the object is not supported by Heavy.

I found this list, delread~ seems to be supported but delread4~ not:

So yeah VD~ is the best solution of you need to modulate the delay. So not sure what is wrong here, since vd~should be supported. I can’t check the code myself, I am not that code savy.

thank you. Let’s see if other users can help us. The vd~ object is very important, without that pure data is very limited

Agree fully, a delay that can be modulated is very important for so many things, delay chorus flanger etc.

Guess we have to wait a bit and see where it goes, the script :slight_smile:

So I wasn’t able to recreate your issues with [vd~] not working, but I made the Petal test example use it so that people can have a working patch to use as a starting point or mess with.

There were a few oddities where you need to make sure that you’re sending a signal to the inlet (you can patch the knob through a [line~] object (and also pack it with a second value so you can smooth out the changes a bit otherwise the delay line will click a lot while changing the knobs).

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Ok, thanks @shensley