Terrarium Pure Data

Hi all!
I may have taken on too much, and am a bit confused. May need some help.
I have bought and assembled Terrarium pedal. My initial thought was to make guitar effects using Pure data. I thought maybe that was a cool way since I know next to nothing about programming, and I understood much in the videos. I can´t get it to work. I lost faith, and fired up one of the multi effects from the daisy web programmer , and acrually works, there is a delay, reverb, bitcrusher. Okay, cool. I can work with that.
Thing is, I just loaded a preset that works, but the controls; pots switches work, but how do I program the on/off switches and LEDs?
Any nod in the right direction would be awesome.

We have included a user created board json file for the Terrarium in the plugdata toolchain: plugdata-heavy-toolchain/resources/terrarium.json at main · plugdata-team/plugdata-heavy-toolchain · GitHub

The pd2dsy wiki contains some information on how to use the component variants and such: pd2dsy Guide · electro-smith/DaisyWiki Wiki · GitHub

Switches can either be a boolean (default, sends a bang when pressed/turned on), give a continuous value with the current state (_press variant), give a bang when letting go (_fall variant), or the number of seconds pressed down (_seconds variant).

Use these like: [r sw1_press @hv_param]

The LEDs are connected to the cvout connections and respond to values between 0 and 1.

Use these like: [s led1 @hv_param]

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Thanks for your help. Will try a bit more this weekend.

Thanks for the help. Life got in the way, but yesterday I sat down and was able to upload the json and my first delay which works. Perfect!

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