Task command not found

Hi, so I’ve been following along the tutorial on how to get started. I am using Visual Studio on a mac, installed the Toolchain, and downloaded all the examples. As I trying to run and build the Blink example, the console shows : command not found: task. Any ideas on which step I didn’t do right? Thank you.

Welcome KED!

Feel free to provide more details about the steps that you have done so far. And triple check that you didn’t miss any.
By the way, did you save your DaisyExamples folder on your Desktop?

@Takumi_Ogata Hi Takumi, I saved DaisyExamples folder on your Desktop. I’ve also run the Blink example successfully on the web programmer and put the Daisy seed in bootloader mode. I have a screenshot hoping would help illustrating the issue.

So I tried to install the examples again, and it shows in the terminal that:
[10/2/2023, 10:44:12 AM] Unable to resolve configuration with compilerPath “arm-none-eabi-g++.exe”. Using “/usr/bin/clang” instead.
Not sure what does that mean. But the example folder seems to be downloaded successfully.

When you type ⌘+P and then start typing the word “task”, what’s displayed in the VSCode’s command palette?

Also, did you remember to build the libraries with task build_all?
You’ll need to do this before you compile for the first time.

By the way, we have a video version of the tutorial, so I recommend watching it to double check that you didn’t miss any step: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbvaTdAyJWk
I’m primarily using Mac in it.

Let me know, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Takumi, my seed successfully blink after following along the video. One question, how to stop running the program? Also, can I simply unplug my Daisy when finishing running the program? Thank you.

I’m glad to hear that it’s working!
One of the easy ways to “stop” is to do the button presses that you do for putting the Seed in bootloader mode.

Of course! After you flash the program to the Daisy, you can unplug without any issue. And when you plug it back in (or power externally with a USB battery for example), the program that you flashed will start running again.

Hi! I’m still waiting for my seed to arrive (so I cannot complete the Zadig part without hardware) but I should still be able to build the examples with ‘task build_all’ right? I get the error ‘bash: task: command not found’

In case somebody is running into this issue and stumbles upon this comment, here is one possible solution :slight_smile: Issue with task command (SOLVED) - #2 by lukegalea16