Switched Jacks on Daisy Patch?

Does the Daisy Patch use switched jacks so that the Daisy Seed would know if a cable is plugged in? I’m trying to configure a jack to be normaled to something unless a cable is plugged in to override it. I’m not really seeing it in any of the libDaisy docs. Forgive me if I am missing something in the documentation. I’m only a hobbyist programmer.

A quick look at the schematic suggest that only the audio inputs are normaled for mono/stereo, there is no hardware normaling to let the daisy know if cv jacks are plugged in or not. You could possibly crate something that would do the intended no jack behaviour if that CV input has been at 0 for more than a few seconds. Though of course a CV source or DC offset would be needed to switch to plugged in behaviour, a dummy cable wouldn’t do it.

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