Support for LCD (16x2)?

Hi, checked through the libdaisy reference, and found no support for the classic 16x2 LCD display based on the Hitachi HD44780 used in many Arduino projects.

So I am thinking of writing something useful. I will be looking at the Arduino library Liquid Crystal.

Is there anything more in libdaisy that I can use?

OK, I am trying to “port” the Arduino LiquidCrystal library to Daisy. It uses some calls to delayMicroseconds(), which libdaisy doesn’t have (only DelayMs()).

A quick search told me this was no trivial thing (at least above my head).

Maybe it is not necessary for timing, I’ll replace them with DelayMs(1).

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Solved it and placed it in a better category: LCD class for a 16x2 LCD using the Hitachi HD44780 driver chip

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