Stlinkv3 and Pure Data

Hello! Very new here. Can anyone direct me to instructions on how to use STLINKV3 with Pure Data?

thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, I would be happy to hear how they’re connected, as far as I know they are not related to each other.

To use Pure Data on Daisy search on it or PD2DSY which is the tool to use to run a Pure Data patch. You might find it easier to use Pure Data on a PC or Mac, using it on Daisy is a bit messy and limited. It makes sense if there is a reason to run it ‘bare metal’.

hi @tunagenes thanks for the reply! I see SoundSimulator on Youtube using the STLINKV3 with Puredata in this video at 6min55sec. But there seems to be no video explaining how to set up the communication in PD2DSY (which I am using). I am just trying to avoid having to push the tiny boot button every time I want to flash the Daisy. see this video :

Ah, I see. Obviously I’m guessing here, but if the stlink is set up and connected you should be able to use it to reset-boot the daisy and/or start executing at a specific location. ST Micro has some utilities to handle communicating with stlink, and IAR does too and I would guess GDB as well. I hope that helps, I don’t really know how to do what you want, and your initial question made me think you didn’t understand what you were asking, now I get it. No offense intended.

While it is possible to flash the Daisy with ST-Link cable you can only use the primary flash and not the bootloader with extended memory options. So this only works for very small programs.

If you want to use this install OpenOCD and manually run make program to flash.

I was investigating to add this to the plugdata toolchain, however since it only works for tiny programs the added benefit (and extended development needed to make it available) was not worth it.