Stkr waveshaping algorithms

After getting my Daisy Patch a couple of days ago, I haven’t done anything else than patching and trying stuff out! What a fantastic module!!!
I ended up creating a multi-oopsy-patch with some of the waveshaping algorithms from the famous stkr waveshaping max-patch. The cycling page for stkr.waveshaping: stkr.waveshaping

I had to divide it up in two gen-patches since there’s a bunch of algorithms.
You can use the first knob to choose algorithm.
The second knob usually control “amount”.
The third knob sometimes control other parameters.
And the fourth knob control volume (except from in a couple of algorithms in gen-patch 2 where it controls other parameters).

This is my first version of this multi waveshaper patch, and it sounds great (I think), but i will keep on working with this patch. Hope you will enjoy it, and please give feedback!
Here’s the patch:
Waveshaper collection

Great to hear you’re enjoying it!

Tips: if you want CV output, don’t use [out 2] (it will come out of the 2nd audio output of the Patch, which is AC coupled), instead use e.g. [out 5 cv1].

The left codebox could be replaced with a [scale 0 1 1 11] → [floor], which will actually be a lot cheaper than all the if/else stuff.

Since all the different waveshapers are being computed all the time, and the Daisy Patch has 4 audio outputs, one thing you could think about is to output four different shapes at the same time.

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The out2 was supposed to leave my pach after i finished testing and debuging. It was just my way of knowing where in the knob1-menu i was at the moment. (Would of course be great to be able to show menu on display.).
I’m also just learning to use gen (only been working with max and msp so far) so scale-floor sounds like a great solution to avoid the if-else feast :slight_smile:
Great idea to use all 4 audio outputs. But it would require a great deal of menu diving to be able to control the parameters of multiple different waveshaper algorithms at the same time i guess?

A bit late but I had some funwith that stuff a bit ago. Here’s the max code breaking some of the algo’s into a multiband saturator: LR4 Saturator/Comb Bin file - Google Drive

Explanation on my website: