ST LINK-V3 Basic Question

Is this mainly for VS Code?
I.E. I wouldn’t be using the st link with Max or Pd?
Sorry for the basic question

You can also use it for DaisyDuino and Oopsy~! I talk about how to use it in the video tutorials!!

You can get it working with pd2dsy but not with plugdata nor pd2dsyGUI yet (as far as I know). If you use pd2dsy via terminal, you can do something like this to use the ST Link: Patch.Init() and stlinkv3 - #12 by Distortion

ST Link is super convenient to have by the way!!

I have used pd2dsy, but I don’t understand ‘use pd2dsy via terminal’. I only know how to use pd2dsy via pd2dsygui. :thinking:

Before pd2dsyGUI was developed, the way to use pd2dsy was via terminal or git-bash (for windows)

You can still do it this way by following:

And if you get it working, then you can follow what I linked in my previous reply to use ST Link with pd2dsy!

:flushed: :scream: :sob:
That’s my reaction on seeing the Github page. :wink:
Gonna look it over when I
get the time. Thanks Takumi.
BTW I’m an Enthusiast now

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