ST-LINK v2 pinout with jumper wires


I bought a daisy seed and ST-LINK v2 from my local shop today. They didn’t have the v3 but from my understanding the v2 will also work with the seed?

It didn’t come with the SWD cable so I only have jumper wires. Is there any documentation on which pin is which for connecting the v2 to the seed?

Hi @hornper. The pins pitch on the ST Link v2 is 0.1" (2.54 mm). If seed is the same as patch SM it uses a Mini JTAG header with 1.27 mm pins so have a look, you may need an adapter. Have a look at 2094 Adafruit Industries LLC | Development Boards, Kits, Programmers | DigiKey or SWD (2x5 1.27mm) Cable Breakout Board : ID 2743 : $2.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits. I use the one from Digikey, and it doesn’t come with the mini SWD cable which is here:

The pinouts I use are: RST, GND, SWDIO and SWCLK. On my setup I’m using an STM32 F0 Discovery Board but I have been using the exact same STlink V2 as you on other projects in the past. My setup connects the stlink to the Adapter board pins as: SWCLK to TCK; GND to GND; SWDIO to TMS; RST to nRESET.

Pin names might vary on the adapter board side depending if you use a different adapter to mine (or if you don’t need one)

I can post a few photos if it would help.

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At least in the US, once you start ordering from Digikey.Adafruit, etc - it makes more sense to just order the V3 + header (if needed) from E-S.

@tele_player, sure, except maybe if you have one of the options kicking around already :slight_smile:

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Wow thanks for the info! And yes photos would be super helpfull :smile: And also if someone else gets into the same situation

hi @hornper. tele_player’s advice is sound: if you need to start ordering parts, and factor in postage, E-S is probably the better option. Anyway, here is a link with some notes, photos, pinouts etc. sorry to post a link to the pdf but it seems I can’t post the pdf directly here.

On the other hand, stlink v3 mini is $8 cheaper at digikey than E-S…

new link to notes: Apologies, I made some mistakes with the pinout tables last time. Fixed in this rev2 pdf.