Curious if anyone has figured out how to do SPDIF In/Out with the Daisy Seed? I see that the STM32H750 supports SPDIF, and saw a few people asking about it on the forum in 2020, but there was no concrete information on how to do it.

I found many references to RECEIVING SPDIF on STM32 - but nothing on how to send it, though that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It would be cool to chain Seeds together without doing extra digital/analog conversions.

SAI documents make it seem very possible.

Yeah, I saw that too. I also saw someone using the WM8804 chip with a Raspberry Pi for SPDIF in/out. Raspberry Pi TOSLINK transceiver hat | Hackaday.io That might be another option, but if the Daisy chip supports it out of the box, I’d rather not add more hardware.

If the goal is a Daisy-Daisy connection over short distance, I don’t think hardware is necessary.

It would be daisy to daisy primarily, but I was hoping to keep it flexible enough that I could connect to other SPDIF devices if I wanted to route signal that way. What are you thinking for daisy to daisy connection that isn’t SPDIF?

I was thinking you could maybe connect them SAI to SAI using I2S. IIRC Daisy uses SAI_1 for the CODEC, so SAI_2 would be available for this.

It’s probably non-trivial, but seems like a cool idea.

Interesting, could work, but not as flexible. I’d love to also be able to do things like go from my daisy guitar pedal direct into to the SPDIF on my computer interface too. That’s why I was looking at some sort of standard digital interface, not going custom with SAI or 12S.

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