Source for pre-flashed patch?

Where can I find the source code for the pre-flashed graphical display for the status of the ctrl-knobs on github, please?

This applies to Patch, Field or Petal.

There are many samples in the DaisyExamples repo, that´s great! But not the pre-flashed…

Hi @syntics

the default knob-display graphic is uiltin to the DaisyPatch class. It is used in a number of the DaisyExamples for the patch, but essentially all you need to do is add the following inside of the main while loop:


If you want to see the source code for how it’s doing what it’s doing you can look within libDaisy at the daisy_patch.cpp file.

Hope that helps to answer your question!


Hi Stephen,

Thx! That´s exactly what i liked to know…