SOLVED - Patch.init cannot flash from max a gen file

hi there,

just installed and downloaded everything to get ready to try my new patch.init().

  • connected it to my eurorack case,
  • power the case on,
  • connected the patch.init() with my computer
  • pressed the boot and reset buttons
  • hit the big button in the bpatcher

the bpatcher oopsy window looks like this:

tried also with other settings like 96khz.
the patch.init() led is off (only the power led is on).

I am running OSX 14.3.1 on an Apple M2 and max/msp 8.4.2

Thx in advance,
best regards,

Hello Sebastian! I’m happy to look at this closer with you.

First thing to check is to untoggle QUIET and then look at Max’s inspector. That’ll show more details :slight_smile:

hi takumi,

thanks for the reply. this was already interesting.
looks like something is missing:

oopsy daisy! xcode was missing :frowning: now all is good :slight_smile:
thx takumi!