(solved-ish) Help: Code is no longer deploying to my Daisy Field


Tonight I was working in the dev branch to see if I could get the wave files playing.
(coolness is, that test code worked!) Now, after going to my other project to reload that code, I am now unable to deploy projects to the device.

here is what I am doing:

  1. Resetting the device
  2. Starting the compile via the button on the Oopsy setup
  3. The code compiles and shows that a binary has been created (no errors, just the warnings about not setting a default)
  4. Then everything just sits there for a loooooong time and nothing gets deployed to the hardware.

Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions on how to get the deploy running again would be greatly appreciated because I am currently stuck until I can get code to load.



Here is what I ended up doing to get code to flow to the device:

  1. I copied the ~gen patch to the clipboard
  2. I created a new patch from the clipboard
  3. I then added in the oopsy.field
  4. I closed the old project (note: I had saved the other code as a project, not sure if that mattered or not)
  5. I was then able to reset the device and then send ode down.

Note: Before that I had tired all the way to fully rebooting my computer and nothing heled… so I’m not sure what happened to that project that was not allowing the code to properly deploy. For now, I believe I am back up and running.


Glad to hear it worked finally!

I don’t know why, but the “projects” feature in Max has always caused me headaches… I avoid using it.

If you need more organized file structures, I can recommend using Packages instead.