(SOLVED) Blocked: debug halt, "a serious error in gdb" in starup_stmXXX.c


I have run into a serious issue I don’t know how to get around.

On line 1544 of the startup_stmxxxx file

    for (pSource = &_sidata, pDest = &_sdata; pDest != &_edata; pSource++, pDest++)

The debugger halts and I can’t go past this “serious error.”

What is so odd is that I was debugging, all was well, and then this… not sure what may be happening here.

Any thoughts would be helpful as I am 100% blocked.

A few notes:
I am using a custom linker script for my project, but I have been doing that now for a little while and then something changed after a single recompile today. In this case I changed out a line for a sizeof operator. Nothing that I felt should have caused this issue.

All help is greatly appreciated as I do not know how to solve this one and I am fully blocked right now.


In case others run into this I cleared out my breakpoints in VS code and this solved the issue. :slight_smile:

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