Soldering header on patch.Init()

I’ve been playing with my standalone Daisy seed and Pod. I have a patch.Init() and decided to put that into my case, but then I discovered that the reset and boot pins are basically inaccessible. I thought to use the STLink, but then I discovered the JTAG needs to be soldered on. So I have a couple of questions:

  1. What is the best way to remove the patch submodule? It seems to not want to budge :slight_smile: I don’t want to break the PCB. Any suggestions how how to separate the boards?
  2. I suspect the normal way to solder the header is to have the pins face the same way as the other headers, but I assume I can solder the header on the other side of the board as well. I wasn’t sure too whether the JTAG cable connector would fit with the board re-inserted.
  3. I’ve not soldered headers with that pitch. Any suggestions on how to do this.

I ordered my patch.Init() at the end of Aug. 2022, and right now it says the JTAG is included, but I don’t see it in the box. That isn’t to say that I didn’t lose when I looked at it last year, especially if it was just loose in the box and not in a little bag.

The patch_sm included in Patch.Init() has had headers installed for a while. I don’t know when it started. But patch_sm sold seperately doesn’t have the header. I was a bit disappointed when I received a patch_sm a few weeks ago, before the product page was updated.

The patch_sm is tight in the sockets - it takes gentle prying, a little at a time at each corner. Be careful not to damage any surface mount parts.

I wouldn’t suggest mounting the debug header on the other side of the board, I don’t expect the pinout would match the cable. With the cable installed the normal way, the total depth is still less than 1.5".

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