SMT euro power connector

I’m about “finished” with my initial PCB layout (although I’m sure some surprises and heartache are in store for me). In the preview renders of my PCB, the -12V pads on the euro power header are covered by the silkscreen. Is this just an artifact of the rendering, or is the footprint for this part messed up somehow?

I don’t have the “Electrosmith-Connectors” library so I’m not able to edit this part. I could replace it with a new footprint for the 54202-G08-05 connector, but I’d like to avoid that if possible.

I exported the Gerber files and when viewing the files directly the pads are correctly exposed. So it looks like this is a bug with the rendering in Fusion 360.

Nonetheless, I would still like to be able to edit some of these footprints. Are there any Electrosmith libraries other than the one at Eagle Library — Electro-Smith?