Sls_v1 (sampler/looper/slicer) (Daisy Patch)

Hello all! Just wanted to share not only my first project for the daisy patch…but my first outing with gen~!

It is a simple sample recorder, looper and slicer with simple operation. I will go over the ins/outs which should be more than enough to understand how this works!

Audio In 1-4: Audio to be recorded. (Up to 4 sources)
Audio Out 1: Recorded audio out

Gate In 1: Hold gate open to record all audio received at Audio In 1-4
Gate In 2: Trigger playback of selected STEP and REPEAT

Control/Knob 1 (SLICES): Number of slices to chop recorded audio into. (1-16)
Control/Knob 2 (STEP): Step (slice) to playback.
Control/Knob 3 (PITCH): Changes pitch. (needs improvement)
Control/Knob 4 (REPEAT): Select repeat amount. Speed dependent on number of slices and length of total recording.

One way to get some real glitchy sounds is to just randomly open the record gate with audio running in.

That’s about it! Any questions/bugs feel free to ask/report! Also, full permission to slice and dice and hack and slash the original gendsp included in the zip download. Just PLEASE share anything you come up with back in this thread!

Hope you guys have a little fun with this and please also share anything cool you all manage to do with it! I’ve done some max for live work and I get good feedback but I never get to see my stuff in the wild which is always kind of a bummer!

download here (zip includes bin and gendsp):

quick and dirty demo video:
Demo Video