Siren OSC versus Daisy Patch?

Day One Patch user here, hello everyone!

So, this morning I ran across this uh…very intriguing, slightly unobtaniumish eurorack module this morning on youtube, the Siren: Multi-oscillator Drone Generator.

{ The dialog surrounding this module is a conversation all unto itself, which I’ll table for this thread. }

Apparently the creator has moved on and there won’t be any future batches produced, which is a real shame cause its a frankly brillliant module, which was made using the Daisy architecture (yay).

My Question

On the product page link above, the developer provides the firmware (siren.bin) and a link to the Daisy Web Programmer. Is it possible to load this instrument onto my Daisy Patch, and if so, how do I do it??

Thanks in advance, I admit I’m not a power user or coder, just a guy with a large euro rig, I’ve come across a lot of stuff I’d love to try on the Daisy on modular grid, etc but I can’t figure out how to install this stuff (my fault!!).

Much respect to Electrosmith!!

You can probably flash it, but more than likely the pin configurations are completely different from the Patch.

Also the Patch uses an additional audio codec for extra audio i/o, which is likely not going to be used.

I just watched some of this:

and it’s really an interesting device - a shame EZBOT didn’t publish the code, or at least keep making these things available.

Yeah, its a real meat market to pin one down, second hand sales are as ridiculous as you’d expect them to be, unfortunately.

BUT, it looks like he DID publish the code (edit: maybe not, the ‘source’ file isn’t directly accessible):

This is why I considered it possibility to crowbar it into a Patch.

I missed. Source code opens up tons of possibilities.

Yeah, too bad the “source” files
only contain a .bin and doc pdf!

I just looked at my Siren. To be upfront:
I don’t know how I feel about reverse engineering the I/O PCB or if I have time/interest to do it.

  • I have no conclusive idea who created it
  • It uses a Daisy Submodule rev3 so you’d be closer if you tried to flash the patch.init but…
  • There is a Toshiba 74HC4052AP on the I/O PCB.
  • Otherwise, the I/O looks simple enough (power, I/O, the multiplexer)