Single pole CV output?

Hello, when I create a bipolar LFO and I use the CV output of the Daisy Patch it comes out in unipolar the same LFO routed to an audio output is in bipolar. Has anyone encountered this before? Currently I can’t output bipolar CV on the Daisy Patch

I use the latest version of Oopsy

It seems that CV outputs are 0-5V (the 0-3.3V output of the DAC is converted to 0-5V using two TL074).

The Audio channels are bipolar, but low frequencies are probably cut out (probably an audio OUT can be used as a trigger, but not as a slow changing CV … it’s one of the test I’m going to do)

It it helps see my Daisy Patch Cheat Sheet

Thank you for the answer. It’s a shame that the CV output is unipolar :frowning:
Using the audio output works (for me and what I do with it) for modulation. But not accurate enough for 1V/Oct
And thank you for your information sheet on the Daisy Patch. Very useful to take stock of the situation