Simple guitar example

Hi, I recently got my seed and have been trying out the examples. I’m wanting to build just a very simple guitar circuit with input/output that just runs straight through. I haven’t really seen any of the examples that meet that description. Does anyone have an example program and/or breadboard diagram for something like that? I’m familiar with coding, but not so much with breadboarding. Thanks!

Taking a look at the schematic used in the daisy petal might be a good place to start. As a minimum you’ll need a few pots and an opamp cuitcuit to buffer the inputs and outputs.

Thanks for your response. I’ve looked at the daisy petal schematic, but it’s a little overkill for what I need. Do I really need pots and stuff just to send a signal straight through? I was hoping to just hook up the input and output and be able to experiment from there.

You won’t need pots for sending a signal straight through, but if you want any control of what happens to that signal you might. The pots are the easy part anyway.
The input and output opamp circuits in that schematic are needed. The input opamps match the inpedence of the guitar signal and boost the very quiet passive guitar signal to voltage levels the teensy can read (-1.5 to +1.5v) and the opamps on the output are there to get the right output impedance and voltage that the guitar amp wants.

If you are looking for something more basic/easy to start with you can look at the schematic for the Terrarium by PedalPCB. The schematic is in the build document and it is pretty much just a small power circuit and an in & out.