SeeSaw hybrid synthesizer

I am thrilled to share my developement for my Masters Thesis in Sound and Music Computing. It is called SeeSaw and it is a hybrid semi modular synthesizer which is balanching between analog motion and digital sound. The digital audio core is programmed with Oopsy/Gen~ and the electronics employ Electrosmith’s Field platform for all the hardware mapping aspects. Some analog modulation circuits circuits have been used for reinforcing the performance of the digital instrument. Below, through my website, you will find attached the Max/Gen~ patch and the detailed report with all the academic and industrial references.



Wow! Quite interesting-wonderful on several levels. Thanks for posting the report.

Question: Are the KiCad project files available?

Thank you tunagenes! No, I haven’t made them available, since it is a prototype there are few errors which need to be fixed.

OK, thanks for the reply and the great work. Speaking of errors, I don’t know if you’re interested in ‘typos’ in the report now, presumably you’ve already ‘handed it in’. But here are some I noticed:

page 24 (30/58) optocoupler[empty citation]

page 28 (34/58) “The circuit is fair simple” - fairly

page 29 (35/58) “a differential voltage will be occurred in the” grammar - maybe change ‘occurred’ to ‘generated’.

page 51 (57/58) spelling error - familirize should be familiarize.

Well, that’s enough nitpicking from me. I’m going to read some entries from that bibliography-Thanks!