Hey folks I’ve started my PC/Seed based external flash writer, porting my old pi zero code across.

It’s not finished or working yet (maybe a few days time, depending on my day job work)

But I’ve posted it here for ideas/features I may have missed e.t.c…

It’ll be updated randomly over the next few day - and I’ll post when it’s finished.


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#include <windows.h>

Sigh… how about something cross-platform? Also, you might want to discuss this with Daisy devs on slack. I think they have plans for something similar.

that’s why I went out of my way to detail the very very simple protocol :slight_smile:

Yeah, but they can’t get away with Windows-only solution. So either there would be two different solutions, or you’ll work with them towards something that is cross-platform. And I think that with the second option a better outcome is achievable.

I don’t have time to work with other folk on this really - it’s for myself but I’ve designed it as simple as to use with other platforms and I’m willing to share the work I’ve put into it. Most of it is really simple txt commands via serial - which I’m sure you can modify your make to do on other platforms. The file transfer is a little more complex - but still nothing major.

Client side terminal and file transfer programs already exist for windows, Mac and Linux. All that’s needed is a serial port CLI with file transfer for Daisy.