Seed/Pod, Neopixel and 800Khz clock

EDIT: nevermind, figured it out that the library called Neopixel in libdaisy is assuming that a SeeSaw module is connected that interfaces with the Neopixel array. Would be nice to have that explained in the documentation. So it looks like there’s not direct support for Neopixels

Hi, I’m having some trouble with the Neopixel class from libdaisy. There doesn’t seem to be any option for a 800KHZ clock like most of the Neopixel LED’s require.

The only options are 1MHZ, 400KHZ and 100KHZ, which are all incompatible with for example the 5050 neopixel from adafruit. I’ve tried setting the speed to 400KZH and 1MHZ and also setting the output pin to pin 9(STM pin) and pin 12(Seed pin) and nothing works. Is there any way for me to set the clock to 800KHZ?

Here’s the code I have to instantiate everything(p.s. I have a level converter to interface with the LED’s since they’re only 5V compatible):

NeoPixel<NeoPixelI2CTransport> h_neopixel; //init neopixel object

int main(void)
    float samplerate;
    // Init everything
    hw.Init(); //init pod class
    NeoPixel<NeoPixelI2CTransport>::Config neo_config; //init Neopixel config obj

    neo_config.transport_config.speed = I2CHandle::Config::Speed::I2C_1MHZ; //set speed to 1MHZ or 400KHZ
    neo_config.type = NEO_RGB + NEO_KHZ800; //this is by default
    neo_config.numLEDs = 8; //I have 8 leds
    neo_config.output_pin = 9; //the SDA pin is pin 9 on the STM(see photo)

    h_neopixel.Init(neo_config); //initialize neopixel
    h_neopixel.SetBrightness(255); //set brightness
    h_neopixel.SetPixelColor(1,255,0,0); //set red to 100%
    h_neopixel.Show(); //send data

    { }

Hello Hallmar,

I’m sorry that wasn’t explained in the documentation. It should be clarified in the libDaisy documentation.
I appreciate your feedback!

Speaking of Neopixels…
Earlier this month, there was a discussion on Discord about Neopixels and driver & device class. Feel free to join and have a look at that conversation in the hardware channel.
This is all to say that community is definitely interested in using Neopixel with Daisy!!

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I definately will!

I’ll probably either just go with a PCA9955 and bi-color LED’s or add a microcontroller that does the interfacing for me, so a SeeSaw module with a smaller footprint basically.

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