SD card slot

What is the SD card connector used in the Daisy Patch? The closest part I can find is the Yamaichi PJS008U-3000-0, but the footprint is not an exact match.

That is the correct MPN (PJS008U-3000-0) and the footprint has always worked fine for us.

Is there something particular that stands out to you in the footprint?

I downloaded the footprint from Mouser and the ground pins are aligned differently than the ones in the Patch schematic.

On the Mouser footprint, they’re centered about the data pins, which seems to agree with the datasheet for the connector.

On the ES footprint, the spacing between the ground pins is the same, but the second ground pin is aligned with pin 8. There must be enough play in the pins that it doesn’t create an issue in practice. It is only a fraction of a millimeter, after all. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t particularly worried about the part not fitting. I was mostly curious about whether or not there was a different part to consider.