Saving Data on the Daisy Seed

Is it possible to persist data across shutdowns on the Seed? I found this tutorial for the Pod, but it doesn’t seem to work on the Seed (with no error messages): Saving values to Flash memory using PersistentStorage class on Daisy Pod

If it works on Pod, it will work on Seed. If you post the actual code you’re trying someone might debug it. ‘doesn’t seem to work’ isn’t very helpful.

I’m mostly trying to find out if the hardware is capable of it, since it’s not clear in any of the documentation.

My code is far from the atomic case, which is why I didn’t share it, but here it is anyway: kverb/KVerb.cpp at 223e1981dfcdb437a3cf36fa97d0e16cbd6586d3 · Henelik/kverb · GitHub

The Pod uses the Seed. The persistent storage is on the Seed.

EDIT: your code is for Bluemchen. Perfect, I have two of these.