Saving and loading text files

Hi folks!

Recently got my Daisy Pod and using Oopsy having a lot of fun with it so far :slight_smile:

I have a step-sequencer going on in gen~ and was wondering if there are any examples of saving an array or string as a textfile/json file onto the sdcard.
The goal is to let the Pod user to be able to save a preset of 16 on/off values (A drum pattern)

So far I have only seen the sdcard-example in oopsy to read a wav file but I came across a github ticket that reading text files would be a possibility in the future, just can’t seem to find that link right now.

Hey mv88pi!
I’m glad to hear that you’re having fun with Pod and Oopsy!!!

Using the SD card to load in a drum pattern is a great idea!!
And I believe this is the GitHub issue you’re talking about SDcard: using to fill [data] objects · Issue #16 · electro-smith/oopsy · GitHub.
Unfortunately, it seems like that feature is not available yet, but it would be fun to try that out once it is added!

Hey Takumi,

Thank you, that was the ticket I was looking for, I will keep an eye on that!

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