Saving and loading data with oopsy in mid 2023?

Ok, this maybe has been answered before but i could only find 2 year old posts so let me ask one more time.
Can we use any kind of data storage when using oopsy ?
We are planning to make a multi effect and of course people ask if they can load and store presets.
Even if we would be able to write the actual state of an app and be able to auto load that we would be happy.
Sure a menu with numbered presets would be the cherry on the pie but bread and butter would be any kind of auto storage of just the position of the control pots and switches.

As far as I know, it’s not possible yet in Oopsy.
Having something like the PersistentStorage class would be nice.

It might be possible with the “C++ Inserts For Specific Customization” feature on the pre-release/upcoming Oopsy version. I know we wanted to provide some examples for that and we can see if preset-save could be one of them.

Is there any update on the persistent storage implementation for Oopsy? It would be great to be able to load presets, save state on reset, calibration data for an oscillator etc.

Oopsy development is currently on-hold as other priorities took over. I’m sorry that I can’t provide any updates to you.