Samplerate between host and Daisy

Hello, I am having difficulty with the Samplerate of my host (which keeps returning 44100 across windows and Mac, in spite of ) while trying to compile for Daisy in 92khz Mode picked on the oopsy menu inside the patcher.

Is there a proper way to use samplerate that corresponds to what is selected in the Oopsy menu?

Hi, when you say “host”, do you mean Max itself? Oopsy doesn’t change the sample rate of Max, it only sets the samplerate of the code exported to the Daisy – when the daisy hardware is flashed, the setting in Oopsy (96kHz / 48kHz) will be set in the firmware.

To change the sampling rate in Max, go to the Options menu / Audio Status in Max.

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it was an error on my side.

Now everything is 96khz (Max, oopsy, wav-files that I use to test buffers) and it works as expected by using “samplerate” object where it is appropriate.