Sample player

I have been trying to play samples with ‘daisy boutique.bin’ and ‘ex_sample player.bin’ in my Patch module, both codes seem to flash right displaying menus, showing the SD card wav files and allow me
to select and run the files but no sound.
I’m not a programmer or code expert but I tested all working Patch examples without problem,
Any help?

Where did you get those .bin files? Did you rebuild from source code?

I get the files from Github and used like that, no rebuilding from source code.

Thank you, any advice?

About a year ago, Electro-Smith changed the audio codec on the Seed (“ The new Daisy Seed is compatible with the old, but uses the WM8731 codec instead of the AK4556 (which is no longer in production)”), so any binaries built before then won’t work on newer hardware.

The solution is to rebuild from source code, using current libraries.

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Thanks! your response point to the issue saving me a lot of time.

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