Rotary Encoder missing steps


I’m using a Daisy Seed for an effects unit which is mainly controlled via one rotary encoder. The issue is that I am getting randomly missed turns of the encoder. The encoder is wired up to pins D1,D2 and D3. I have created my own board definition to suit my project. I have tested the setup by using the PETAL definition and changing the encoder to the pins for this device with no change.

Have other people had issues with custom boards ? Has anyone tried filtering as suggested by Bourns the manufacturer of encoders ?

Any leads greatly appreciated.


An update.

I’ve used the smoothing / debouncing schematic suggested by Bourns and I appear to have solved my issue. The schematic can be seen here - I did find that using 100nF (0.1uF) capacitors got 100% results whereas the 10nF caps still produced errors.


It sounds like you’ve got a working solution, Steve, but I thought I’d mention that the code described here: is working well for me, without a need for caps.

Thanks for the info Elby. Yes the capacitors did the job though I did go through three versions of the encoder boards. I soon realized the push switch needed some help as well.