Reverb on Oscillator

Hey! I am working on a chord synth, and want to implement reverb.

I have 4 oscillators working.

I’m using this code to mix the Oscillators:

float average = ((saw1 + saw2 + saw3 + saw4) /4);
    output = flt.Process(average);

I’m attempting to add the ReverbSC example to the sketch but cant figure out how to change it from effecting the Daisy Audio inputs, to effecting the internal oscillators I have set up (or alternatively the master output).

ReverbSc verb;

void MyCallback(float **in, float **out, size_t size) {
  for (size_t i = 0; i < size; i++) {
    float out1, out2;
    verb.Process(in[0][i], in[1][i], &out1, &out2);

    out[0][i] = out1;
    out[1][i] = out2;

void setup() {
  float sample_rate;
  // Initialize for Daisy pod at 48kHz
  hw = DAISY.init(DAISY_SEED, AUDIO_SR_48K);
  num_channels = hw.num_channels;
  sample_rate = DAISY.get_samplerate();



Any advice would be greatly appreciated :smile:

Should be pretty easy, the only thing is the reverb example is stereo, while your synth is mono:

    float average = ((saw1 + saw2 + saw3 + saw4) /4);
    float output = flt.Process(average);
    float out1, out2;
    verb.Process(output, output, &out1, &out2);

    out[0][i] = out1;
    out[1][i] = out2;

This worked beautifully. Thank you very much @KnightHill !

hey @Nightshifts, currently experiencing the same problem - but can’t figure out what flt is initialized as…can you please help me out?