Reverb at 96khz

Has anyone managed to run the reverb that ships with daisy examples to run at 96khz? Just asking if it’s possible, because I am testing different things and cannot get it working. The CPU crashes as soon as the program starts.

I can’t answer the original question in your post re running reverb example at 96KHz, however somebody (perhaps even me!) might be able to help if you provide some more info on what is actually happening when you say “The CPU crashes”.

So, you managed to run the reverb at 96khz or not, I couldn’t understand. What happens is nothing works and windows pops up a message “usb device not recognized” after s couple of seconds. There is also a faint high pitched buzz on the audio output when this happens. The behaviour is exactly the same as to when I try to print floats to the serial monitor. Thankfully somebody suggested in the other thread I made for that issue, that you have tro put a specific line in the makefile, that fixes this issue. Maybe the problem here is something of that nature?
Edit: wow, it was actually you who answered, thanks!