Restoring the original bootloader

I read the article about the Daisy boot loader and was wondering if there is a way to restore the original boot loader once the new one is in place.

Also, I use JTAG to program, not USB. Does that make any difference when using the boot loader with SRAM or QSPI?


There’s no original bootloader to restore. The DFU code is built into the STM32.

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Hi @tele_player, thanks for the quick response.

It appears there is no way to delete the bootloader once it is flashed, is that correct?

Have you read ?

Basically if you program your application to normal FLASH memory the bootloader is overwritten.

Only when you put the bootloader in FLASH and then put your program in SRAM or QSPI is the bootloader used and does it persit.


@dreamer , thanks for the reply. That makes perfect sense. For some reason I tough there is a special portion of the FLASH reserved only for the bootloader (hence the make program-bootloader command).

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