(resolved) Stlink_usb is using the wrong device ID

Hello all,

I am unable to debug with the new ST-Link Mini V3 because it looks like openocd is using the incorrect device ID.

lsusb.exe reports this:

Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0483:3754

The above is the only one with the vendor ID 0x0483 (that’s ST)

openocd reports this:

Debug: 78 8 stlink_usb.c:2831 stlink_usb_open(): transport: 4 vid: 0x0483 pid: 0x3753 serial:
Error: 79 27 stlink_usb.c:2848 stlink_usb_open(): open failed

It seems to be loading the wrong device ID (ie 0x3753 instead of 0x3754)

here is the Discord link for the longer conversation:

Any help or ideas here would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to get back up and coding as soon as I can.


Was that STLINK sold by Electro-Smith?

Yes, I purchased 3 of them from the store.


I got it to work!

Here is what I did:

  1. I went back to version v0.11.0-5 of openocd found here: Release xPack OpenOCD v0.11.0-5 · xpack-dev-tools/openocd-xpack · GitHub
  2. I copied over the bin files to this from the openocd to the bin location in the Daisy tool chain directory (the openocd.exe and the two libs)
  3. I copied over all of the stlink.cfg files from the v0.11.0-5 interface directory and put them into the Daisy tool chain \ scripts \ interface directory.

What I think is missing in the Daisy tool chain version is the updated STLINK.CFG that has the needed ID of 0x3754 (this is missing in the current Daisy tool chain v1.0.0 stlink.cfg)… and I went ahead and used the openocd.exe from that repository just in case it matters.


As a note: I was not able to drop in replace openocd with the v0.12.0, but if I used v0.11.0-5 eveything worked great.

Good to be back up and running… it seems like a pretty quick upate to the Daisy tool chain should get things going for others as well who may also be observing the issue.


The reason I asked about the source for your STLINK is that the two STLINK MINI that I received from Electro-Smith are x0483:x374e, while the STLINK MINI-e I bought from DigiKey is x0483:x3754.

This is dredging up some really old memory - I THINK that the 1st 2 bytes are the manufacturer, and the 2nd are a ‘model number’ that the manufacturer could use as they pleased.

That makes sense… but yeah, using the ones from electro-smith need the new stlink.cfg from the v0.11.0-5 release. Then all works. :slight_smile:

Correct. Vendor ID and Product ID. It’s how USB devices are recognized by a host, and connected with an appropriate driver.

The new version of the Daisy toolchain will include openocd 0.12.0. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry again for not being able to deliver this information sooner to you.