Resolved: error erasing flash with vFlashErase

Hello all,

Has anyone had this type of debugger error before?

“Could not restart/reset: Error erasing flash with vFlashErase packet (from interpreter-exec console “load”)”

For some reason I have suddenly been having these issues with my debugger. I have tried two different physical debuggers just in case it is an issue there.

I have updated a couple of lines in my .vscode/launch.json:

One was to update to, runToEntryPoint:
“runToEntryPoint”: “main”,

The other was:
“showDevDebugOutput”: “none”,

I don’t know that either one of these should be causing this issue.

Any insights or help would be greatly appreciated.

Note: I am using the JTAG debugger that is sold here on the electro-smith site.


Hello all,

After taking a closer look I decided to clean out some of the items in my .vscode directory. I had a couple of files that were not in other directories such as:


I did that and had to update a few directories in the tasks.json file to match my updated local repo.

Once I did that and restarted the debugging… all seems well now. Not sure why this was all happening, but it is all back and seems to work working well now.


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Thank you! I also found that removing those 2 json files did the trick when i had a similar issue.

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