Is there a formal thread asking for requests for open source examples of certain functionality?

I’d love to see a nice implementation of a tempo-sync’d delay for example. I particularly really love how the chronoblob in Eurorack implements it’s delay where delay time modulation has a switch for those typical woozy doepler effects when the delay time switches or a version with none of those artifacts that works better for stutters and repeats.

Hey, I’m finalising a eurorack delay based on Daisy at the moment, and I’ll be making both the hardware design and code available on github when I’m done. I have not implemented modulation when the time control is changed, favouring to crossfade between 2 times for a seamless change, but this could be added at a later date. It does sync to tempo, has reverse delay lines, and is fully stereo.

I’m just about to order a second iteration of the prototype PCB, but when it’s all built and checked I’ll post on here.


There’s 4MS DLD, but I’d call this code not very inspiring (a bunch of big C functions).

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oh wow that’s awesome! I had no idea it was open source. I have DLD and it’s one of my very favorite pieces of gear. Don’t think I have the C experience to fully parse that yet but thats just more motivation to learn. Thanks for this :slight_smile:

Very cool. Excited to see your module! I have an idea for a combined LPG / Delay that’s all sync’d to one clock but not experienced enough to implement it yet.

How does the custom hardware differ from Patch? Is there an option to run it on Patch?

I’ve just got more CV inputs, pots, switches and LEDs, so you’d lose quite a lot of the controls. But a stripped back version could be run on Patch with a few mods to the code for sure.

Sounds good, (CV-to) MIDI could compensate for some controls.

What are your plans? Will you provide the schematics to order a PCB and BOM to solder, or do you want to sell the module?

I’m planning on making the BOM and schematic (and code) available on github and selling a run of PCB/panel sets to begin with, but will consider selling fully built modules as well if there’s much interest.