Request: Review my setup for the MAX DAC code


I was wondering if there was a good sample of bringing up the max11300 sample and/or just a good solid sample to bring up a SPI device? My next step is bringing online the Max DAC.

It is super fun to bring up new hardware with the Daisy at the core. :smiley:


I wanted to share the quick photo… I’ve been working on a custom device now for a bit and I just got the first board built that has the MAX device on it!


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I have to admit, I do not do a lot of templates so here is what I ended up doing for my MAX setup/unitization in my BSP:

  1. In my BSP .h file I added this line:
MAX11300Driver<BlockingSpiTransport>     dac_driver;
  1. In my BSP .cpp file I added these lines:
static constexpr MAX11300Driver<BlockingSpiTransport>::Config seq16_dac_config
    = {MAX11300Driver<BlockingSpiTransport>::Config()};

In the Init BSP function I added this:

    // Setup the MAX DAC

In digging into the code for the MAX DAC default setup, it turns out that this is the setup I have on my hardware.

Does it look like I am missing anything here to make it go?

Note: it all complies, I just wanted to check to see if I may be missing anything in here for the config/init functions.

Thank you for your time and help,

There is a usage description in PR for this driver that might be helpful:

I also discovered some unexpected behavior which is also documented in the PR. Nothing too critical, but good to be aware of.

@recursinging ,

Thank you, the API in the PR is great to read through!

Do you know if there are docs that collect all of the APIs in one place like this? That would be awesome to have!

Most of all, thank you for the pointer to the API. That is a huge help to me.