Replacing Daisy Seed from Patch Module

Hi, the Daisy Seed board that comes with Patch module can be replaced by any standard Daisy Seed?

Yes, you can replace the Daisy Seed that comes connected to the Daisy Patch module with another Daisy Seed.

Do you have a Daisy Patch that you bought a while ago and want to replace the Daisy Seed with a more recent version? That said, we kept in mind to make all the newer codes backwards-compatible in order to work with older generation of Daisy Seed.

Thanks Takumi, it is a recent generation Daisy Seed, unfortunately I applied some pressure by pulling the usb cable connected to the port breaking the contact, the board works with the previously loaded programs but I can no longer communicate with the computer.
I am not a programmer and have been using my two Patch modules as transformer devices with precompiled examples from the Electro-Smith web programmer and Rebel via Owlsy, until today I have not been able to use binaries that read samples from the SD drive and I ask you, with an old Daisy Seed board (AKM converters) could I use these binaries? Is it advisable to do it or does it have disadvantages?

I’m sorry to hear about the damage!

Flashing a precompiled binary should work for an older generation Daisy Seed. But a recent binary made for Owlsy, I’m not entirely sure. It sounds like you have this old Daisy Seed with you, so I suggest swapping it and giving it a try! That’s the best way to find out :slight_smile:

Apart from the change of AKM converters, what other differences are there between the first version of DaisySeed and the current one?

OWL patches don’t interact with hardware directly, this is managed by firmware. So the same patch binary can run not only on the same hardware, but even on a different MCU (i.e. from STM32F4 family on older Rebeltech boards). There’s no requirement for the same pin mappings or audio codec as patch is unaware of such details, but rather communicates with firmware via shared memory.

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With Owlsy you can load and store in Daisy memory multiple devices from the Owl library, I have stored up to 18 different Owl programs on the DaisySeed in my Patch module and select them with the encoder pot…great! so in a live performance situation you have a bunch of devices installed on your DaisySeed to choose without the need of a computer.