Recommended sources for learning c c++

So after a few weeks of having my daisy platforms, (seed, patch, field) its becomed obvious that to #getting-started properly i need to learn how to code in c, c++…

I have used arduino before and made a few sequencers, trigger sequencers, but from what i have gathered i need to learn much much more. I did mess a bit with the mutable instruments diy, but the most coding i did was make, lsusb and make upload. I had no idea what all those files contained, just that i ended up with an hex file i could flash to my diy module.

I have been thinking About copying some of the code from examples on the wiki cpp files, and start compiling inside arduino, but could some of you point me to how i should learn efficiently?

Should i keep coding inside arduino or learn how to do it inside vs code like its pointed out on the setting up the toolchain?

Any books (heard about The Audio Programming Book) courses, links that you think would ge helpfull to get me up and running? I did manage to finish the toolchain process and upload to the seed with the make process, but honestly im kind of lost where to start.

A lot of the recommended things i have seen in many other places are kind of vague and not too explicit…want to learn how to code audio proccessing and audio design.

Apologies if this is a very broad and wide kind of qustion but i only recently got into this. I can mostly design pcbs and panels in eagle, but i completely lack the knowledge to fully use my seed devices at the moment.

Many thanks!

I posted the link to this Youtube tutorial elsewhere but it really belongs here. It is much more effective than other C++ videos or web articles I have tried.

C++ Programming All-in-One Tutorial Series (10 HOURS!)

This guy is a bit of a goof, but he knows his stuff and is really quite a good teacher. The first 2/3rds of is is mostly standard C-type programming. Good review for me, and also for folks coming from other languages, IMO. (Watch at 1.5x playback speed.) The object oriented final 1/3rd is very well explained. He alternates between chalkboard conceptual descriptions, and writing and running example code in real-time.

Thanks for the link @donstavely ! Wow i dont think i have ever seen a 10 hour youtube video.
Digging it, thanks a bunch :slight_smile: