Raspberry PI Setup?

Good day!

i will not have a working computer with me for a month or so at home, but i really want to start learning developing for daisy (i got Daisy Seed). Is there a way i can make it all work on Raspberry Pi, as this is the only computer like thing, that will be available for me?

Yes you should be able to set up the standard Linux toolset on a 1Gbyte or more Pi3/4. I use a Pi4 with 4Gb with no problems.

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so, as far as i understand, the best way would be to install Arduino IDE on RPi, and DaisyDuino?

Check this too.

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No need for Arduino stuff. Download the full ARM bare metal development chain ontop the Pi and use libdaisy to compile stuff for the Seed.

But if you prefer that as a way to start then yes, Arduino IDE and DaisyDuino are fine.