Questions regarding Pd limitations

After a few missteps I finally have my Daisy Seed running a test Pd patch with a knob input control (yay!).

I’m now planning on moving on to porting some of my Pd patches onto the Seed. I had a few questions.

  • how does pd2dsy work with regards to patches that contain sub patches? does everything need to be contained within a single patch?
  • does the [clone] object work? I seem to remember that the Heavy compiler predates the introduction of [clone], but I’m not sure.
  • is there a list somewhere of supported (or unsupported) objects? or is the latest “vanilla” Pd fully supported?
  • On a Daisy is it possible to use patches that load sound files using [soundfiler]?

Any help would be great! I’ll start experimenting anyway, but I’ve just looking to save myself future headaches :slight_smile:

pd2dsy installs hvcc (pd2dsy/requirements.txt at master · electro-smith/pd2dsy · GitHub)

to learn more about this:

“Homepage” takes you to GitHub - CorvusPrudens/hvcc: The heavy hvcc compiler for Pure Data patches. Updated to python3 and additional generators

it has these pages:



Is that what you’re looking for ?

thanks! that documentation is great, yes it answers most of my questions. namely:

  • I’m pretty certain that I can use patches that reference sub patches
  • no [clone] object :frowning:
  • the list of supported and unsupported objects is very helpful
  • The [soundfiler] is not supported, so I guess I’ll have to figure out another way to play with sound files…

Regarding the last point: I suppose I can have sounds loaded into tables and saved in the patch? I’ll give that a try.