Questions about the Daisy Field schematic

I’m trying to breadboard an ADC CV input for my current project and am using the one from the Daisy Field schematic as a reference.

I have two questions about this:

  1. What are the input/output voltage levels here? Are they the same as on the Daisy Patch (-5V to +5V in, 0V to +3.3V out)?

  2. Which resistors correspond to RF and RG in the equation in the above screenshot? And is VREF here +5V, or is it the reduced voltage going into the positive input of the op amp?

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  1. RF is R68 or R35, and RG is R70 or R34. See difference amplifier (beware, the Rg in the Wikipedia schematic is not the same as in the comment on the picture above). VREF is +5V, indeed
  1. From the above formula, -5…+5 V at the input of the unit maps to +3.3…0 V at the output.