Questions about Pd2dsy

Hi all, I’m considering to get an Electro-Smith Pitch.Init() for my Eurorack system and I’m trying to understand what limitations pd2dsy might have when converting a Pure Data patch. In particular:

  1. is there a limit size for the Pd patch to be converted?
  2. must the whole patch be contained as a single file or can it use abstractions?
  3. can the patch make use of files saved in the same folder, such as wav or mid files?
  4. are all vanilla objects supported?

Many thanks in advance!

Question 4 - are all ‘vanilla’ objects supported - no. I’m a little pressed for time right now, so I can’t find it, but I recall seeing a list of unsupported objects somewhere in the doc or this forum.
Question 1 - is there a size limit - well you’d certainly be limited by target memory, I don’t know if pd2dsy has another limit.

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  1. With the bootloader, you can run programs up to 480kB on SRAM (nearly 4 times that of the “default” flash) and almost 8MB on QSPI flash.

  2. You CAN use abstractions! Just have the abstraction patcher file on the same folder as the main patcher that you’re flashing, and the abstraction patcher will be compiled along side.

  3. This I don’t know, sorry.

  4. Not all vanilla objects are supported unfortunately. Here are the supported objects Supported vanilla objects | hvcc

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@tunagenes @Distortion Thank you both for your replies, this is super useful information! Concerning 3., I’m hopeful pd2dsy might be able to handle wav and mid files since this seems to be the case with Oopsy for Max/MSP (see this wav player project).

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It’s possible to load samples with Heavy, but for Daisy there is currently no way to read in files.

We’ll likely work on MIDI before we get to sample loading, though …


@dreamer Thanks for the info, good to know!