Questions about Oopsy


I have tried pd2dsy but it still have some limitations and I would like to know how is Oopsy managing these questions:

  • Can I use custom jsons? How upload them when I flash the patches from Max using Oopsy?

  • Can I use MIDI on usb?

  • Can I get acces to the SD card to store samplers and use them on my patches?

  • Can I switch between programs (multi-app) on my Daisy seed and on my Daisy Pod?

Thanks in advance

1- yes. Look at the JSON pile for hints. Yours will be named seed.yournamehere.json, like the bluemchen and versio
2- no, this hasn’t been implemented yet but is theoretically in the works though it seems the Oopsy~ project leads have their hands full elsewhere at the moment.
3- yes, look at the sample example, “simple.maxpat”
4- yes, automagically you can use the encoder (on electro-smith units with an encoder) to switch between as many [gen~] as you can fit. I assume you can switch the encoder program rotate to another switch in a custom JSON though I haven’t tried this


Thank you very much @Manysounds!

Ok. I have checked the multi_app example with my POD. I flashes and I can listen the first sound but when y move the encoder and push or push switchers, nothing changes. Is it possible to use with POD or besides selecting Pod on menu I should uptoad a custom JSON?

In other words. Is it possible to use multi-app mode in Pod and plain Daisy Seed. Or it only works on Electro Smith modules? do you need an screen in order it works?


It does not need a screen. The custom json for Versio is a good example

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So, to make the multi-app example works with POD I will need to create an specific JSON. Right?

No. I’m sorry, I don’t have a POD.

Ok. I gonna try create a JSON. Thanks

I am trying with a plain Daisy seed with a rotary encoder connected following this schematic (

I have checking avery basic patch on Max with two gen~ with a cycle object inside with different frequency inside each one. I also have included an Oopsy object. I choose “versio” from menu and it flash correctly and I get sound but I cannot switch between them using the encoder as multi-app.

My question is Oopsy if recognises the encoder or I do have to create a Json telling I am using a encoder?

Is there something special I should do in order this works properly?

Thanks you very much for your help.

Any clue about my last question? Thanks