Qubit’s Surface has a Daisy on back

I just bought a Qubit Surface and on the back of it is a Daisy Seed. Being the lazy tinkerer that I am, I immediately wanted to unplug the Seed from it and plug it into my Daisy Patch to see how it would work with a different interface. I have not tried it yet though because I’m afraid it might change something and it won’t work again with the Surface module. My guess is that I could save a copy of the code first to be safe. The other “experiment I had in mind was to load different programs from the Daisy web programer onto one of my Seeds and plug it into the back of the Qubit Surface module and see how it would react to the different programs. Does anyone have any advice or warnings if I was to try either of these two swaps or am I likely to damage something?

  1. there’s no need to physically plug them, you can make firmware dump if you get a programmer

  2. firmware from Surface certainly won’t run on Patch, they use different alternative functions for some pins (pretty much every device would configure them differently)

  3. running Daisy patches on Surface is most likely possible, but you’d have to figure out which pin uses which functions and correctly initialize all peripherals. and maybe write some code if there are additional peripherals peripherals - not sure if everything used by Surface is supported by libDaisy

Damaging hardware by running wrong firmware is not very likely, but not impossible if you consider things like configuring GPIO from input to output.

Thanks a lot for the info, I appreciate your reply. I think I will wait until I’ve gotten more experience with Daisy and programming before I attempt those “experiments”. That is why I got the Daisy + Patch, so I could learn about programming as I have very little experience with it. Something that was curious to me was that the manual for the Surface module says to go to the electrosmith’s Daisy website for firmware updates. What I don’t quite understand is that some of the modules from other manufacturers that I have had functions added to them and other improvements through firmware updates. Would Qubit be able to do this with their Surface module, make improvements or tweaks to it, through firmware updates?

You’re misreading what the Qubit Surface manual says, but they could have written it more clearly:

1)They mean download the firmware from Qubit.
2)Go to Electrosmith Web Programmer to install the firmware you downloaded from Qubit.

Qubit could definitely make improvements and tweaks through firmware updates.

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Hi guys! i have had some problem with my SURFACE module. I can’t find the firmware anywhere.
Do you know where can I download it from?

Qu-Bit placed the bin file on their Surface product page. You can download it there!


Thanks bro!!! I appreciate it.

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