Quad Audio based on Daisy Patch

Hi ElectroSmith community!

So I bought the Daisy for all kinds of experiments, but one of the main reasons I wanted to work with Daisy is because it could allow me to make a portable DJ style mixer. I would need quad audio for that so I looked at the Daisy Patch schematics to see how the quad audio was done there.

However, the labels used in this schematic are not consistent. Especially the labels used for the Audio jacks are different from all the other labels used (at the Daisy Seed and at the External Codec section). Additionally, I noticed that the jacks have other connections than I would expect: J_AUDIO_IN1 has a tip connected to AUDIO_IN_1 and an unconnected normal, whereas J_AUDIO_IN2 has tip connected to AUDIO_IN_2 and normal connected to AUDIO_IN_1 (?!). Am I overlooking some basic audio design rules here?

No rules missed! The input jacks are normalled together 1->2->3->4. If you didn’t want that behavior, you can either buy non switching jacks, or simply ground the switch connections.

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Ow yeah now I see! Also I totally missed that the schematic was more than two pages XD
Another question I have right now is how I’d need to change the audio part of the circuit to be suitable for line level audio instead of eurorack audio, but I’ll have a peek at the Pod for that :wink: