QSPI GetData with offset of zero returns 0x90000000 but sram.lds has QSPI base of 0x90040000


I am debugging some QSPI data and noticed that:

  1. QSPI GetData with a zero offset and it returns 0x90000000
  2. In the STM32H750IB_sram.lds has the base set to 0x90040000 based on the last line:
QSPIFLASH (RX): ORIGIN = 0x90040000, LENGTH = 7936K

Should the QSPI GetData return the base set by the SRAM.LDS file?


The offset in the linker script doesn’t strictly represent the memory range of the QSPI chip. Rather, it’s intended as an offset in case we’d like to use those first few kB for the Daisy. If you’re specifically calling the QSPI GetData method, you’ll just have to be aware of that difference. I’m not sure it’s worth modifying that method to operate with that offset.

@Corvus_Prudens , thank you.